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Sumber Elektronik
  1. Armed Forces and Society
  2. Asian Survey
  3. Atmosphere Ocean
  4. Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs
  5. Cambridge Review of International Affairs
  6. Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems
  7. Contemporary Southeast Asia
  8. Culture and Organization
  9. Current History
  10. Decision Analysis
  11. English Teaching Professional
  12. Expert Systems - International Journal of Knowledge Engineering
  13. Foreign Affairs
  14. Global Governance
  15. Human Resource Development International
  16. Interfaces
  17. International Affairs
  18. International Journal of Human Resource Management
  19. International Journal of Intelligent Systems
  20. International Journal of Reliability Quality and Safety Engineering
  21. International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools
  22. International Organization
  23. International Peacekeeping
  24. International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
  25. International Relations
  26. International Security
  27. Journal of Bridge Engineering
  28. Journal of Conflict Resolution
  29. Journal of East Asian Studies
  30. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research
  31. Journal of Management
  32. Journal of Navigation
  33. Journal of Organizational Behavior
  34. Journal of Peace Research
  35. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  36. Korean Journal of Defense Analysis
  37. Language in Society
  38. Language Teaching Research
  39. MET - Modern English Teacher (Password required. Login to libproxy for password)
  40. Middle East Journal
  41. Middle East Policy
  42. Military Operations Research Journal (Password required. Login to libproxy for password)
  43. Millennium : Journal of International Studies
  44. Modern Asian Studies
  45. Modern Language Journal
  46. Operations Research
  47. Pacific Affairs
  48. Security Dialogue
  49. TESOL Journal
  50. TESOL Quarterly
  51. Washington Quarterly
  52. Yale Journal of International Affairs

Sumber Elektronik
Sumber Elektronik (Open Access)

Sumber Elektronik (Open Access)
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