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Morgan & Claypool ebooks list
A Blossoming Development of Splines
A Concise Introduction to Multiagent Systems and Distributed Artificial Intelligence
Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Time-Domain Numerical Electromagnetics
Advanced Probability Theory for Biomedical Engineers
Antennas with Non-Foster Matching Networks
Articulation and Intelligibility
Artificial Organs
Atmel AVR Microcontroller Primer: Programming and Interfacing
Basic Probability Theory for Biomedical Engineers
Biomedical Image Analysis: Tracking
Brain-Machine Interface Engineering
Capstone Design Courses: Producing Industry-Ready Biomedical Engineers
Chip Multiprocessor Architecture: Techniques to Improve Throughput and Latency
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
Computational Electronics
Controlling Energy Demand in Mobile Computing Systems
Digital Control in Power Electronics
Dynamic Speech Models
Electromagnetic Scattering using the Iterative Multi-Region Technique
Electromagnetics and Antenna Optimization using Taguchi's Method
Electronically Scanned Arrays
Engineering Ethics: Peace, Justice, and the Earth
Engineering, Poverty, and the Earth
Engineers within a Local and Global Society
Essentials of Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
Estimation of Cortical Connectivity in Humans: Advanced Signal Processing Techniques
Exploitation of a Ship's Magnetic Field Signatures
Finite State Machine-Datapath Design, Optimization, and Implementation
Frequency Domain Hybrid Finite Element Methods in Electromagnetics
Fundamentals of Electromagnetics 1: Internal Behavior of Lumped Elements
Fundamentals of Electromagnetics 2: Quasistatics and Waves
Fundamentals of Respiratory Sounds and Analysis
Fundamentals of Spread Spectrum Modulation
Game Theory for Wireless Engineers
Global Warming and the Future of the Earth
Globalization, Engineering, and Creativity
Hf-Based High-k Dielectrics
High Fidelity Haptic Rendering
Higher-Order FDTD Schemes for Waveguides and Antenna Structures
High-Speed Digital System Design
Image and Signal Processing for Networked eHealth Applications
Implanted Antennas in Medical Wireless Communications
Intelligent Autonomous Robotics: A Robot Soccer Case Study
Intermediate Probability Theory for Biomedical Engineers
Introduction to Logic Synthesis using Verilog HDL
Introduction to Smart Antennas
Introduction to Statistics for Biomedical Engineers
Introduction to the Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics
Joint Source-Channel Video Transmission
Latent Semantic Mapping: Principles and Applications
Learning Programming Using Matlab
Light Field Sampling
Mapped Vector Basis Functions for Electromagnetic Integral Equations
Mellin Transform Method for Integral Evaluation
Microcontrollers Fundamentals for Engineers and Scientists
Modeling a Ship's Ferromagnetic Signatures
Modern Image Quality Assessment
MPEG-4 Beyond Conventional Video Coding
MRTD (Multi Resolution Time Domain) Method in Electromagnetics
Multimodal Imaging in Neurology
Multiple-Valued Logic: Concepts and Representations
Network Simulation
Nonlinear Source Separation
Optical Interconnects
Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) for Computational Electromagnetics
Power Electronics for Modern Wind Turbines
Pragmatic Circuits: D-C and Time Domain
Pragmatic Circuits: Frequency Domain
Pragmatic Circuits: Signals and Filters
Pragmatic Logic
Project Management for Engineering Design
PSpice for Analog Communications Engineering
PSpice for Circuit Theory and Electronic Devices
PSpice for Digital Communications Engineering
PSpice for Digital Signal Processing
PSpice for Filters and Transmission Lines
Quantum Computing for Computer Architects
Real-Time Image and Video Processing
Recognition of Humans and Their Activities Using Video
Reconfigurable Antennas
Relativistic Flight Mechanics and Space Travel
RFID Explained
Sensory Organ Replacement and Repair
Signal Processing of Random Physiological Signals
Spectral Analysis of Signals
Super Resolution of Images and Video
Support Vector Machines for Antenna Array Processing and Electromagnetics
Tensor Properties of Solids, Part One
Tensor Properties of Solids, Part Two
Tensor Voting
The Reaction Wheel Pendulum
The Theory of Linear Prediction
The Theory of Timed I/O Automata
The Transmission-Line Modeling (TLM) Method in Electromagnetics
Three-Dimensional Integration and Modeling: A Revolution in RF and Wireless Packaging
Transactional Memory
Understanding Circuits
Understanding the Financial Score
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Digital Library
Introduction to Biomechatronics
Modern Filter Design: Active RC and switched capacitor
Wideband Amplifier Design
Designing Amplifier Circuits (Analog Circuit Design Series: Volume 1)
Designing Dynamic Circuit Response (Analog Circuit Design Series: Volume 2)
Designing High-Performance Amplifiers (Analog Circuit Design Series: Volume 3)
Designing Waveform-Processing Circuits (Analog Circuit Design Series: Volume 4)
Electron-Gated Ion Channel
Electronic Applications of the Smith Chart
Filtering in the Time and Frequency Domains
HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation
HF Radio Systems and Circuits
Microwave Field-Effect Transistors: Theory, design and applications
Microwave Transmission Line Impedence Data
Optical Fibers and RF: A natural combination
Oscillator Design and Computer Simulation
RF and Microwave Modeling and Measurement Techniques for Field Effect Transistors
RF Power Amplifiers
Small Signal Microwave Amplifier Design
Small Signal Microwave Amplifier Design: Solutions
2008+ Solved Problems in Electromagnetics
Antennas: Fundamentals, design, measurement
Designing Electronic Systems for EMC
Electromagnetic Measurements in the Near Field
Integral Equation Methods for Electromagnetics
Introduction to Adaptive Arrays
Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design
Theory of Edge Diffraction in Electromagnetics: Origination and validation of the physical theory of diffraction
Scattering of Wedges and Cones with Impedance Boundary Conditions
Circuit Modeling for Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMC Pocket Guide: Key EMC Facts, Equations and Data
A Guide to MATLAB® Object-Oriented Programming
Advances in Bistatic Radar
Airborne Early Warning System Concepts
Bistatic Radar
Design of Multi-Frequency CW Radars
Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers
Electronic Warfare Pocket Guide
Foliage Penetration Radar: Detection and characterisation of objects under trees
Fundamentals of Ground Radar for Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians
Introduction to Electronic Warfare Modeling and Simulation
Introduction to Sensors for Ranging and Imaging
Microwave Receivers with Electronic Warfare Applications
Phased-Array Radar Design: Application of radar fundamentals
Pocket Radar Guide: Key facts, equations, and data
Principles of Modern Radar: Advanced techniques
Principles of Modern Radar: Basic principles
Principles of Waveform Diversity and Design
Pulse Doppler Radar: Principles, technology, applications
Radar Cross Section
Radar Detection
Radar Essentials: A concise handbook for radar design and performance analysis
Radar Foundations for Imaging and Advanced Concepts
Radar Principles for the Non-Specialist
Test and Evaluation of Aircraft Avionics and Weapons Systems
Understanding Radar Systems
Introduction to Airborne Radar
Introduction to RF Stealth
Broadband Communications and Home Networking
Spectrum and Network Measurements
Transceiver and System Design for Digital Communications
Wireless Receiver Design for Digital Communications
Introduction to Broadband Communication Systems
World Scientific
Harmony and Development : ASEAN-China Relations
Asia Rising: Who is Leading?
Singapore: Trade, Investment and Economic Performance
ASEAN Economic Integration: Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Finance
Chronic Poverty in Asia: Causes, Consequences and Policies
Singapore and Asia: Impact of the Global Financial Tsunami and Other Economic Issues
Burma or Myanmar? The Struggle for National Identity
APEC and the Rise of China
China-ASEAN Sub-Regional Cooperation: Progress, Problems and Prospect
ASEAN Matters!: Reflecting on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Facets of Competitiveness: Narratives from ASEAN
Behavioural Economics and Policy Design: Examples from Singapore
Singapore Perspectives 2011: Our Inclusive Society: Going Forward
Singapore Perspectives 2012: Singapore Inclusive: Bridging Divides
Singapore Perspectives 2013: Governance
Singapore Perspectives 2014: Differences
China and East Asia: After the Wall Street Crisis
Asian Economic Systems
Malaysia@50: Economic Development, Distribution, Disparities
Annual Analysis of Competitiveness, Simulation Studies and Development Perspective for 34 Greater China Economies: 2000-2010
Annual Analysis of Competitiveness, Simulation Studies and Development Perspective for 35 States and Federal Territories of India: 2000-2010
Asian Free Trade Agreements and WTO Compatibility: Goods, Services, Trade Facilitation and Economic Cooperation
Environmental Policies in Asia: Perspectives from Seven Asian Countries
Entrepreneurship in Asia: Social Enterprise, Network and Grassroots Case Studies
The Making of Southeast Asian Nations: State, Ethnicity, Indigenism and Citizenship
Whither Southeast Asia Terrorism?
World Scientific Reference on Asia and the World Economy: (In 3 Volumes)Volume 1: Sustainability of Growth: The Role of Economic, Technological and Environmental FactorsVolume 2: India and China: Comparative Experience and ProspectsVolume 3: Actions on Climate Change by Asian Countries
Reinventing Indonesia
Heart to Heart with Asian Leaders: Exclusive Interviews on Crisis, Comebacks & Character
Perspectives on the Security of Singapore: The First 50 Years
Leaders of Singapore
2014 Provincial and Inaugural Regional Competitiveness Analysis: Safeguarding Indonesia"s Growth Momentum
Singapore 2065: Leading Insights on Economy and Environment from 50 Singapore Icons and Beyond
Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences
Political Participation in Asia: Typologies of Political Behavior across Democratizing States
2014 Annual Competitiveness Analysis and Development Strategies for Indonesian Provinces
IGI Global Ebook
Edge Computing and Computational Intelligence Paradigms for the IoT
Handbook of Research on Cloud Computing and Big Data Applications in IoT
Harnessing the Internet of Everything (IoE) for Accelerated Innovation Opportunities
Ambient Intelligence Services in IoT Environments: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Operations Research for Military Organizations
Cryptographic Security Solutions for the Internet of Things
Developments in Information Security and Cybernetic Wars
Customer Satisfaction and Sustainability Initiatives in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Promoting Inclusive Growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Internet of Things (IoT) Applications for Enterprise Productivity
Handbook of Research on Integrating Industry 4.0 in Business and Manufacturing
Handbook of Research on the Role of Human Factors in IT Project Management
Human Capital Formation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Advancing Skill Development for Business Managers in Industry 4.0: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Business Management and Communication Perspectives in Industry 4.0
IoT and Cloud Computing Advancements in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
IoT Architectures, Models, and Platforms for Smart City Applications
Big Data Analytics for Sustainable Computing
Industrial Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems: Transforming the Conventional to Digital
Handbook of Research on the Internet of Things Applications in Robotics and Automation
Quantum Cryptography and the Future of Cyber Security
Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems in the Future Internet Environment
Handbook of Research on Multimedia Cyber Security
Applied Approach to Privacy and Security for the Internet of Things
Handbook of Research on Machine and Deep Learning Applications for Cyber Security
Security, Privacy, and Forensics Issues in Big Data
Modern Principles, Practices, and Algorithms for Cloud Security
Security and Privacy Issues in Sensor Networks and IoT
Social, Legal, and Ethical Implications of IoT, Cloud, and Edge Computing Technologies
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